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Slang term for a condom
yo nip down the chemist and buy me some jhonnies ya?
by -[NM]-Raziel February 24, 2005
54 27
A flexible sheath, usually made of thin rubber or latex, designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse for contraceptive purposes or as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Jhonny is a slang word for that.
Use a jhonny during sex.
by MissAlys13 April 03, 2005
41 33
It's the way JV cheerleaders pronounce and spell the name Johnny.
Cheerleader: Hey J-honny!
Johnny: ...that's not my name, bitch.

by Whatchamacalit March 19, 2009
4 3
Vb. to masturbate, used mainly in southern new england, specifically Massachusetts
Excuse me, I'm going to jhonny off.
by amber finch January 25, 2009
17 17
(n) 1. A small male child pervert who engages in sexual activities with other small children, not necessarily of the opposite gender
That little jhonny has the distinction of hitting third base before the third grade.
by CommieDog August 21, 2005
25 44