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The word "J Unit" is slang for a joint or marijuana cigarette. I can't believe I just typed the words marijuana cigarette.....
A: "Yo whats up gansta?"
B: "Not much, Just spinning a J Unit"
A: "Lets hit that shit!"
by Matt Ritter December 15, 2004
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Def. 1 - Southern California gang known to jump bitches and fuck hos (commonly known to give back to the community by warding off other gangs through deadly dance-offs).

Def. 2 - Bunch of thugs. Acceptance only granted to those who have killed a person before.

Etymology: Hispanic background. Created when a Mexican accidently combined the word "it" with the name of a close friend "Jun."
Woah, that guy's from J-Unit, don't mess with him.

Look, that's J-Unit over there.

I like sandwiches, punani, and J-Unit.
by Honorary Member March 03, 2005
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noun. a unit consisted of jews.
members consist of jews only
jake: what up moses?
moses: nothing jake, you wanna be in j-unit
jake: whats that?
moses: jew unit, or mafia
jake: ok lets do it
by SIR12 June 10, 2006
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A person of Jewish descent who tries to act like a black person.
That guy with the giant jewfro is a J-unit.
by jewishGangsta December 20, 2003
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JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java. JUnit is Open Source Software.
Use J-Unit to test you software.
by JPE May 13, 2004
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This fat chick in my chemistry class that thinks she's cool ,but is actually lame
J-J-J-J J-unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kishan April 28, 2005
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A hardcore gangster unit created by jesse, the hardest hardcore gangster alive. Name must start with J and be a hardcore gangster to join.

A mild arabic curse word
Jjjjjjjj UNIT!
by jack nickel April 11, 2004
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