Almost like G-Unit. Except this is for fags who think they're cool by ironing on J-Unit on all of their clothes.
" Yo.... Jjjjjj J-unit in da house."
by J-Unit hater May 06, 2004
Top Definition
The word "J Unit" is slang for a joint or marijuana cigarette. I can't believe I just typed the words marijuana cigarette.....
A: "Yo whats up gansta?"
B: "Not much, Just spinning a J Unit"
A: "Lets hit that shit!"
by Matt Ritter December 15, 2004
Def. 1 - Southern California gang known to jump bitches and fuck hos (commonly known to give back to the community by warding off other gangs through deadly dance-offs).

Def. 2 - Bunch of thugs. Acceptance only granted to those who have killed a person before.

Etymology: Hispanic background. Created when a Mexican accidently combined the word "it" with the name of a close friend "Jun."
Woah, that guy's from J-Unit, don't mess with him.

Look, that's J-Unit over there.

I like sandwiches, punani, and J-Unit.
by Honorary Member March 03, 2005
noun. a unit consisted of jews.
members consist of jews only
jake: what up moses?
moses: nothing jake, you wanna be in j-unit
jake: whats that?
moses: jew unit, or mafia
jake: ok lets do it
by SIR12 June 10, 2006
A person of Jewish descent who tries to act like a black person.
That guy with the giant jewfro is a J-unit.
by jewishGangsta December 20, 2003
JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. It is used by the developer who implements unit tests in Java. JUnit is Open Source Software.
Use J-Unit to test you software.
by JPE May 13, 2004
A hardcore gangster unit wit a hardcore leader (Jesse) and a white gangstress hoe; name must begin wit a J to join!
Hardcore gangstas freestylin

by gangstress April 12, 2004
an elite group of gangsters established in september 03'. Due to internal conflicts the group disbanded in november 03'. recently made a comeback in april 04' wit returning leader lantigo and head gangstress jessicawirth. Distinguished by green bracelets distributed by lantigo

also an acronym for jesses under negro influence time!

Note: Junit 01' was responsible for the LA riots which resulted in 800 million dollars in damages...due to lack of evidence lantigo was set free.

Many hold that junit! has been around for centuries crediting them with the assasination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth (ex junit!) Others believe Junit! was the original group of apostles banded together by the son of god...thas homeboy Jesus
jjjJJJJjjjj Unit!
by lantigoii April 14, 2004
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