To employ the art of removing the contents of ones back pack, followed by the reversing of the afore-mentioned bag so that it is inside out, and finished by replacing the materials inside of the flipped bag and zipping it shut.
On the last day of school 8th period english J-Packed Ms. Matthews, the blondest teacher ever.
by dip June 23, 2004
Top Definition
When you turn someone's back pack inside out and put everything back inside it and zipper it up!
You just got J Packed
by T Obes February 28, 2008
A (dutch) word for a totally awesome rapper who hasn't made it yet but has real tallent
Yo man did you check out (any rappers name)*jesper* that dude is a real j pack


*rappers name* Jesper was the bom last night that dudes a real j pack
by CasperAce September 06, 2008
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