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1: A faggot, that sucks at life, and makes shitty wiggerish definitions for urban dictionary, while simultaneously thumbing his corn hole and playing with his wee-wee.

2: Someone that just fails at life, and needs to hang themselves with their hello kitty phone cord, because is is to poor to afford a real cell phone.
1:Wow, I never expected to see a guy sucking dick in a chicken hawk bar for a beer, what a J 0 K A.

2: Man, some faggotty douche mongrel driving a honda just got owned by a miata, he might have won if he didn't have a suction cup dildo mohawk on his car, what is his name?

Dude, that is J 0 K A, he couldn't beat his meat. What a fagatron.
by Burkeomatic October 16, 2011

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