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The process of elimination in the game of Jenga. It was invented out of the sheer boredom of 18 hours of playing jenga during a school band trip. When a player knocks over the tower, everyone yells J'eliniation and throws jenga blocks at them.

*note, that this high stakes way of playing jenga is quite dangerous and many small and furry animals are harmed while playing it*
Phil "Hey Evan, you've been F*cking J"eliminated!!"! *proceeds to pelt Evan with blocks*

Evan "O God, the J'elimination hurts!!! WHY WAS I J'ELIMINATED!!!"
by Philly b September 13, 2006
The act of thoroughly owning someone in a game of elimination Jenga such that they are eliminated from the game.
Evin just pulled a bad piece and got totally J'eliminated, what a chump.

It was absolute J'elimination when he pulled that piece.
by Thoraseya September 13, 2006
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