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is the most amazing man I know, he is so great, I married him! Handsome, blond, cute, he knows how to protect and care for his wife. Jörg is also a very successful business person and someone who is also enthusiastic to try new things. He also knows very well how to think outside the box and find new angles to discussions.
If you know a Jörg, just marry him, you can't go wrong!
I am married to a Jörg
by KarenR September 06, 2011
A handsome, strong, caring and romantic person. He's also very funny and can walk the earth for someone if needs be, when he really loves someone. He can be pretty serious sometimes, for no particular reason. He's friendly to anyone, but once they cross the line - you're in deep trouble!
He has an amazing smile, and powerful eyes that make many people feel overwhelmed by his presence. With his amazing personality, he'll be on your mind 24/7. He's the man of many girls' dreams.
So who was that charming guy of yours, then?
Oh, that was Jorg. He's a great friend of mine. He's great, isn't he?
by ilovehim96 June 04, 2012
Jorg is a sweet guy who wants to be a paramedic (and will be). When he wants to be a dog he can be referred to as Jorgshire terrier.
Chris Cleveland is Jorg
by Joanna-Clare March 07, 2004
A guitar playin', drummin', gun lovin' loveable git.
Jorg's favourite beer is Hertog Jan.
by w00t May 01, 2004
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