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A programming languagesic whose very inception has been known to reduce grown programmers to fits of laughter.
No way are we hiring that moron. He had the nerve to list J# on his resume!
#java #c# #shit #turd #j-sharp #jsharp #j sharp
by moofa July 22, 2007
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an imaginary musical note, which, under ideal circumstances, does not exist; a J# (jay sharp) is any musical note that should be played # (sharp) according to the key signature of the musical selection, but is (unintentionally) played as natural by the player, which will oftentimes be young and inexperienced, or careless.
Frustrated by the number of missed key signature notes, the director yells, "Don't forget your J#s!"
by Nicolae Stiurca September 13, 2005
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