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The original rhythm guitarist for guns n' roses. He was the quiet member of the band, and didn't look for much attention. He was a pretty good guitarist, and wrote alot of the band's best songs, and co-wrote many others. He was the first gunner to give up drugs and alchohol, in 1989, though this was in part because of a court order after an arrest for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure on an airplane. He left in the middle of the use your illusion tour because of creative differences with Axl Rose.
Some of the songs that Izzy Stradlin wrote:
You Could be Mine
Rocket Queen
Mr. Brownstone
Think About You
14 Years
Double-Talkin' Jive.
by king of canada August 31, 2006
A very talented musician and guitarist, who played in Guns N' Roses, and was thier best songwriter; He was also the first to leave the band voluntarily in 1991 because of creative differences. He formed a group called Izzy stradlin' and the ju ju hounds and prouduced a few albums. for a short time it looked like he would be part of the velvet revolver line up, but in the end declined.
Izzy stradlins real name is jeffery isbell.
by qwertyasp June 29, 2006
The unsung hero of Guns N' Roses. Was the rhythm guitarist until he left during the Use Your Illusion tour. Was a good guitarist, just didn't feel like doin' solos like Slash. It could be said that GNR could be separate into an Izzy era and a no Izzy era, since the stuff made when he was there was great and afterwords it sucked. It's a shame that no one knows who he is now.
Izzy Stradlin wrote the lyrics and/or music for these songs:

Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
Think About You
Dust N' Bones
You Ain't the First
Double Talkin' Jive
Don't Cry

You Could Be Mine
by TheRedMan48 December 28, 2011
Original rhythm guitarist for Guns N' Roses, birth name Jeffery Dean lsbell.
Incredibly talented but too often overlooked
Person A: Everyone forgets the apostrophe at the end of Izzy Stradlin's name.
Person B: Yeah, I know.
by j9w00 February 07, 2009
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