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Izabelle is a beautiful, funny, and amazing girl. She is very fashionable and is always smiling. Most of the time she is nice, but if you upset her she has an attitude. Makes a great friend and girlfriend, and can get any guy with her charm and amazing personality. She loves meeting new people and going new places.
"Izabelle is gorgeous."
"I know!"
by flower1 November 14, 2012
A fun loving anime lover! Shes everything anime and nothing but it. Shes sweet kind and a loveable person. She has a beautiful singing voice and dance moves people find funny but you'll just have to love:P Izabelle's are amazing girls that just make you smile and you can't help but love her.
Renn: I only wish I could find just one decent guy.
Izabelle: Don't worry theres plenty of guys out there and I'll always be here for you;)chu!
by anime freak 2 January 02, 2012