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From the Hebrew verb 'litzchok - to laugh" "He will laugh"

THE GOOD ITZHAK: Talented and gifted in many ways, often tapping into genious at a young age. Critical of himself and strives for perfection. Dreams big and aims high. Loves to laugh. Many look up to him, but he remains humble. Sometimes thinks he'll never be good enough, but this is not true. Itzhaks are unique and misunderstood. They are charismatic, strong-willed, ambitious, interesting, open-minded and philosophically inclined, with a quirky, somewhat offbeat sense of humor. Survivor. Itzhak shoots for the moon and the stars are his friends.
A lonely, confused man. Wants desperately to be somebody and be friends with important people but is insecure, leading him to lie and/or embellish his stories. This sets in motion the cycle of deception and paranoia that is his greatest downfall as he gets tangled in his own web of lies. Smiles while he lies. Laughs when he wants people to like him. A transient being. Often thinks about his name, obsessing over his image, then alters the spelling of his name or creates an alias. Odd looking at the best of times. Smells like an old man. Likes to laugh, play and be pampered. Money falls through his fingers like sand. Greedy. Manipulative. Chronic masterbator. Intense fantasy life. Has no real friends because nobody knows the real Itzhak.
You got straight Itzhaks on your report card. I'm taking you out for ice cream.
You climbed Mt. Everest? How very Itzhak of you.

"Itzhakta Ota" - You played that one good! You made a fool out of everyone! You Itzhak'd 'em!
They're onto us. Let's get the Itzhak outta here!
by 'coon March 14, 2011