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The phrase 'Itch With A Capital B' is often used to describe rude, offensive and annoying, normally quite popular, teenage girls. The phrase is often shortened to 'Itch' which gives the user a sense of security. They can even say, within earshot of the 'Itch With A Capital B', that she feels 'Itchy' around said 'Itch With A Capital B'. The phrase may be shortened even further to simply 'I'. The phrase is referring to, subtly, to a Bitch. It's a kinder phrase and whilst the 'Itch' works out what it means, it gives the user a head start to escape.
One may use the phrase in such examples:
"That girl is such an Itch With A Capital B!"
"That Itch over there, she just offended my brother, I heard her!"
"We, the non-popular girls are sticking together against them evil Is!"

"Could you be more of an Itch With A Capital B?"
by YoHatersImShortGetOverIt September 04, 2011

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