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A female, of partial or full italian descent, who defines herself/flaunts her nationality in an obnoxious, ethnocentric manner. Speaks only few Italian slang/curse words, brags about going to Italy/having family in Italy. May be called a "guidette" or "guido girl". Has italian reflector stickers on her $30,000 car which her parents paid for. Wears "Italian Princess" tank tops. Is frequently covered in Juicy Couture, carrys Louis Vuitton bag(s) and wears Chanel/Gucci sheild sunglasses or mirrored aviators. Wears her black or bleached hair with extensions in a "poof" or tightly binded slicked ponytail. Wears ugg(ly) boots with pre-ripped denim mini skirts and leggings. Gets weekly "mani's and pedi's" and goes tanning - often resulting in an odd orange leathery glow. Is usually from Staten Island, labled a BENNY - (Bergen/Bayonne,Essex,Newark,New York). Has a raspy or high pitched abrasive voice. Is usually found in clubs or lounges sloppy on Grey Goose ("goose") scoping for meatheads. Is usually unemployed/gold digging.
Bro #1: "yo dude, did you see that tan hooker outside of XS in Seaside?"

Bro #2: "nah man.. that was just some busted ass Italian Princess"

by Danielle Lastella October 25, 2007
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