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To get beaten up by a group of guidos, or Italians in general, usually armed with baseball bats or 2x4s. On the rare occasion can also be mob affiliated.
Dave: I was walking down the street in Nolita when some of those goddamn guidos dragged me into the alley and gave me an Italian Massage.

John: Ever heard of running dumbass?

Dave: You have no idea how much weed I smoked that day you douche, try running after 6 blunts of skunk...
by Sir.Davey May 31, 2011
A massage where the masseuse puts her ass cheeks over the mans cock and moves back and forth until he cums. She could also lay on her front and the man straddles her legs and puts his cock between her ass cheeks and moves back and forth until he cums on her back. Sometimes called a Italian Massage
by SylvanMan March 07, 2014
An Italian Massage is an endearing gesture made between an Italian man and a female of any race. It is commonly mistaken as domestic violence because the massage consists of close fist blows to the face and/or stomach, especially if pregnant.
No need to call the police, Brian is just giving his girlfriend an Italian Massage
by betweenTehCocks June 05, 2011
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