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When a dude nails one girl, and then hurries home to his wife or girlfriend. While his cock is still wet and sticky from the previous girl's pussy, he has the second girl give him head, so she is essentially sucking up the other girl’s vaginal fluids.

Pretty risky maneuver, it may reveal that your chick knows what pussy tastes like. Especially satisfying if the two girls are sisters or otherwise related.

Variations include the Trailer Park Choco Pop in which the maneuver is performed after having anal sex with the first girl, then having second girl give head (very risky, should only be performed when the second girl is especially drunk and/or stupid).

Opposite of the dreaded Italian Wedding Soup.
Where have you been? I stopped by your sister's house, hey do you want to try an Italian Breath Mint? Sure (giggles).
by dr_munch'O'lot December 09, 2006