What incredibly vapid, stupid and unoriginal people say when they cannot construct a proper thought, retort or sentence.
If you were to ask a nitwit why he left work early, the response would go something like this. I don't know, I mean, I just felt ...I left early. It is what it is.

Or, when you catch a person in a lie, scheme or have proven them wrong in any way, It is what it is is sure to leak from their gaping mouth.

Or, to be dismissive. You promised me a dollar raise a month ago and it hasn't appeared in my check yet.

Well, it is what it is
by Jason JD August 15, 2007
an accepted euphemism for 'i fuck my pets'. mainly used in a business setting, where swearing would not be acceptable.
boss: it is what it is.
employee: you sick bastard.
by bigtrick February 10, 2011
better described as a statement of acceptance of a situation that is less than perfect.
keeping a dull, going-nowhere, job that pays the bills. "how's work?" "it is what it is."
by linkinink March 31, 2009
A popular “weasel phrase” used frequently by merger integration consultants, it refers to a negative situation that is outside of one’s sphere of influence and as such should not be further pursued in hopes of resolution. An approximate translation could be: “this is f*cked, but I can’t fix it, so why bother”.
"This company is rubbish. Their systems are stuffed, all their good staff are leaving, and just when the sh*t is hitting the fan, our manager goes off on holiday to Hawaii. But it is what it is, I guess...”
by Thirty dollar man August 09, 2011
1. Humble resignation to the circumstances of a situation that are beyond your control.

2. Euphemism for having little regard for outcome of a situation that will have a negative effect on those around you.
Example 1. It is a shame that Jimmie has left, but it is what it is.

Example 2. It's unfortunate you had to work late last night, but you know, it is what it is.
by rsdsgnist March 03, 2010
A quintessentially American East Coast colloquialism that is meant as a sort of passive acceptance of a situation that is not favorable but also cannot be changed (or at least not right away). It can be used in any context, although usually it refers to an illness, injury, stroke of bad luck financially, romantic trouble, etc. It should never be used as a means to an end in an actual intellectual comversation. Also known as: What will be will be. Suck it up. Deal with it.
"Landlord bumped my rent up... oh well, we don't have a lease agreement. Eh, it is what it is."

::after a long perios of obsessively analyzing what went wrong in a toxic relationship; finding oneself depressed and overwhelmed by the details of it all; an acceptance (these are usually prefaced by a weighted sigh):: "It is what it is."
by ERIC ROUNDABOUT November 21, 2015
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