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It’s Uh Bust: an incident, occurrence, uncomfortable feeling, situations that's not going your way, something that deems a reaction (unplanned) whether solicited or unprovoked.

A feeling that you get when you are forced, by a NOUN (aka bust), to conduct an act that you feel is just not warranted.

Sitting at your desk at work is not uh bust but, spilling a cup of coffee all over your desk is uh huge fucking bust (unprovoked bust).

Three big bowls of charo beans in one evening is not uh bust (although it really is, just go with it) but the aftermath is uh very astronomical bust.

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Whether its work, shit head boss, co workers, friends, family, etc...Any bust moment you may have at any given time. I.e. you get in a car accident 15 min. after driving your new car off the lot, or you’re in a bathroom and have to release the dragon and suddenly realize there is no TP. What uh fucking bust.

Levels of bust:

It’s uh bust = standard form of bust any minor incident i.e. hot wing sauce on your shirt.

UH HUGE BUST = elevated form of "it’s uh bust" i.e. you're at the movie theater and some asshole has his loud crying kids with him and doesn't take them out and you miss some critical parts of the flick. Uh huge bust

MASSIVE FUCKING BUST aka mega fucking bust, aka mother fucking bust, aka you fucking bust etc...You get the point.
Your girlfriend is banging your boss, it's uh bust.

You just mashed a huge pile of dog shit with your new shoes and didn't realize it unitl you were inside your house, it's uh bust.

Charlie Sheen is crashing at your pad, it's uh bust.

IT guy at work won't quit quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger lines from movies you haven't seen in 20 yrs, it's uh bust.

A girl you took out on a date for the firt time pulls a rusty trombone on you, it's uh bust
by It's Uh Bust August 29, 2011

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