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But it isn't over for the woman and it's endless.
Princess Lover! Ova -

After the princess tried to pleasure her fiancé with her cleavage, tits and mouth in a limousine, he finally comes. Just when she was thinking about leaving the spacious comfy car, her fiancé pulled up both her legs onto his shoulders before she could react.

Shockingly, the princess screamed embarassingly, "Isn't it over for the man when he comes?!"

Her fiancé schemingly replied, "But it isn't over for the woman."
Then he added, "And I have to repay your love" while caressing her thighs, ripping off her thongs and tasting her pussy.

The princess moaned with a high pitch, "AWWWWWW......nooooo..." when her fiancé goes on and on, in and in, unstoppingly with all kinds of positions available in the CAR......!
by JustAGalNotAGuy365 October 31, 2010

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