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Isabella is a girl who is the most beautiful girl around from head to toe. She has a beautiful and charming personality. Although her humor is dry, she never fails to make any guy she meets love her for it. She has alot of friends, who all love her more than anything. From the second anyone meets an Isabella, her face and amazing personality is engraved into your mind. She is unforgettable. If you know an Isabella, tell her you love her right now. Do it. Seriously. Because you may never get the chance to.

You, my friend, are the most lucky person in the world if you know an Isabella. You should probably date her.
Person 1: Is that girl named Isabella?
Person 2: Yeah, bro.
Person 1: I wanna date her.
313 106
The most amazing girl you could ever meet. Always there too encourage you through tough times, a true friend who puts others before herself, stunning and beautiful, everyone loves her
whos that girl? Isabella
by awkward.pineapples January 23, 2011
383 182
Isabella is someone who is a swan dood, or very swan.
She is amazing, nice, sweet, and gourgeous.

Isabella's can be crazy,yet smart at the same time.
She is very clever and is a friendly person dood.
Man, did you hear what that Isabella said to that random guy on the street?! She is SO swan!
by swand00d722 October 03, 2011
185 87
Isabella is the type of person who makes you feel special when she laughs at your jokes. She is thoughtful and funny. Isabella is one of the strongest girls I know. I love her very much.
Is that super woman?

No,-It's Isabella.
by GLEN COCOooooo December 29, 2012
40 4
The girl of your dreams. She's not fat and not too skinny. She doesn't try hard to be popular, she is popular in our hearts. She is goddess beautiful in every single fucking way. She is cool and laid-back. You will spend hours on your phone talking to her. She never cheats on you in a relationship. You think about her? She does too. She smells good and she's so clean and fun. Not to mention she's good in bed.
Richard: Hey bro, we have to go to the superbowl afterparty!
Johnson: Nah bro, I want to spend every single moment with Isabella
Richard: Uhh...yeah...whatever...
*Richard leaves*
Isabella: Aww I love you!
Johnson: Shall we start OUR afterparty?
Isabella: Fuck Richard! Babe we're gonna have the time of our lifetimes.
*Johnson and Isabella proceed to go to the bedroom. You should know what happens next*
by JohnsonInLove February 05, 2012
41 12
A very hot girl who is always looking for trouble. very attractive and has a very hot body, likes to play sports and she excersizes alot. A rebelius beauty who can also be sweet.Alittle tomboyish but catches the eyes of every guy who looks at her. Has trouble with grades but is very smart. She is very shy when it comes to meeting new people but those who know her well know shes a hell of a partyer. Shes fun to be around and a great girlfriend, you wont wanna leave her side. She doesnt care what others think of her and shes always herself.
that is obviously an isabella
by loverboy123451 November 27, 2011
46 19
Isabella: A wonderful amazing girl, who loves to laugh and smile. She is a hot one. If you ever get an Isabella don't ever let her down. She is so amazing and loves everyone she meets. She enjoys watching Sponge Bob and GLEE!!! :)
That guy is a bitch he let Isabella down.

That girl Isabella reminds me of a hot chicken.
by 766sexymama878 November 03, 2011
45 20