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Best motherfucker of all time from

The House of the Dead: Overkill

He's the best character in the whole game, similar to Samuel L. Jackson.

He loves calling Agent G. with improvised names as : Agent Gwendolyn,Agent Genius etc...

He was in love with Varla Guns.
Motherfuck! What does a brother have to do to pacify a bitch? I'm telling you G, I've tried everything! God be my witness! I have shown respect, charm, under-fucking-standing! But that is the last fucking straw!

-Agent G.

Ladies and gentlemen, the infinite tact of Isaac Washington. You do... Truly you do, use your tongue better than a... a $30 hooker. Can I say from the bottom of my heart... You truly are a shining example to us all... Humanity I mean...


Don't make me hit you again! "

"No finger-fuckin way man!"
"Man, procedure can kiss my ass!"

"Agent G : "AMS agent! Put your hands in the air!"
Isaac : "ALL of them, if you would be so motherfucking kind!" "

"The bitch is ringing!"
by MythBustersFan August 19, 2009
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