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Translates to: Though I want you to have the impression that I care, I'm not listening to a fucking word you're saying because 1) you're a liar; 2) I don't give a shit; 3) you talk too much; and/or 4) you're ugly.
YOU: Young man, my steak is too tough. I told you FIVE times...
ME: Is that right...
YOU:...that I preferred it medium-well, not burned.
ME: Is that right...
YOU: I'd like to speak with your manager!
ME: Is that right...
by SuckerPunches January 31, 2010
yous a lying son of a bitch
"yo dog remember that chick i left the club with last nite i popped and got dome". Is that rite! well she got home pretty fast cause i was there with her sister".now how that happen when you left at 3am she came in at 3:10 she live rite round da dam coner
by jab December 21, 2003
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