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For the great Gaels of Ireland,
Are the men that God made mad,
For all their wars are merry,
and all their songs are sad.
Irish I was a duck
by Donkey Hotey May 09, 2009
17 73
People who have been known to have a very hot headed temper.
Better watch out for that angry guy he's Irish.
by Big Spenda November 25, 2004
82 142
Kind of a dim-witted, lazy but fun group of people who's women folk are known for really putting out!
Being irish, anne was an absolutely wonderful and amazing whore! :)
by thisistoofunny June 03, 2010
9 73
People from Ireland... Yes they are hot now and they can drink... but watch 20 laters from now they will all get fat and have protruding beer bellies.. i am irish and almost all of the older irish people i know turn out to be fat and ugly when they get older... catch em when they are young and dump their proud asses to the street. :D
i went out with a hot irish girl last night for a one night stand and she paid for all my drinks !
by palluzi09 August 07, 2005
94 158
People from Ireland. Also a language. Don't ask me if Ireland is considered an English speaking Nation or not because I don't know.
I am Irish because my grandmother is from Ireland.
by MarsInc September 29, 2007
11 77
Miserable, complaining people. Thet hate everyone and love themselves.
Bloody irish, they're always complaining.
by Aussie Princess March 17, 2008
122 201
Irish - A group of people from the island of Ireland, that are owned by the British, want to be Italians but arent even as good as the Scottish, also these people are permadrunks that love to fight.
also have never controlled a large Empire, like the British, Romans, Mongolians
Germans or any one else... hell even the French have contributed more to the world
Those damn Irish always fighting in the bars, and arguing about soccer
by Psuedolph the red nosed pengui April 06, 2009
72 152