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A British word meaning erection
Last night at Morgans house i got a monsterous irish toothache!
by Mo February 25, 2004
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an erection.
I saw Britney on Top of the Pops last night and i got a massive Irish toothache.
by Dunky Oggins November 03, 2003
Eastern Canadian slang for pregnancy.
Sally's come down with a case of the Irish Toothache.
by Asrodrig June 10, 2009
a man who is unable to practice fidelity due to his roving eye, incessant sex drive, or his low self-esteem...also known as a womanizer.
"That Carl is such a cad...if his lying won't get him wasted, his Irish toothache will!"
by Titus Breast October 18, 2008

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