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A vicious Irish-american gang based in NYC, mainly in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan, also founds in areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Yonkers, NY. Some suggest they are an off-shoot of the violent Westies gang, and sometimes are called the 'Lil Westies'. They are usually seen wearing dark green and many members have tattoos of the shamrock or sayings in Gaelic and wear the Celtic Cross. They're main rivals are the Bloods, Latin Kings and Trinitarios and they are allied with numerous Mexican, Italian and Albanian gangs throughout the Bronx. They do roll deep, usually 10 or more, and sometimes they also attack other African-American and Hispanics youths on random with their signature 'Stomping out' and they also attack with baseball bats and switch-blades, most members also carry 9 millies. they are a primarily young gang with many members still in High School. There are an estimated 200 something Irish Hood members in the NY area, despite their small numbers, they are still known as one of the most unpredictable, violent gangs around and they're heavy in the Woodlawn, Bedford Park, Bainbridge, Van Cortlandt, Riverdale, and parts of Pelham Pkwy areas of the Bronx and mostly in Inwood in northern Manhattan.
Irish Hoods are the wrong white boys to fuck around wit in the Bronx...
by UnKnOwN 718 May 24, 2010
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