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Sister sexual act to the Inverted Pooh Bear, achieved by replacing the lady with a guy and the honey with the special sauce from The Crusty Crab (McDonald's will also do. Guy #1(Patrick) suspends himself upside down from a stripper pole, next Guy #2(Spongebob) fills Patrick's anus with most of the Special Sauce and coats his tally whacker with the rest of the sauce. Spongebob and Patrick now commence in sucking/eating asshole until the sauce is gone (usually around the time of a double titanic orgasm). As with the Inverted Pooh Bear, only the strong survive.
Blake: "Evan, Jake, guess what!?!"
Evan and Jake: "What?"
Blake: "I just had a stripper pole installed!"
Evan: "But you're gay, what's the point?"
Jake: "How did you break it in? Dance in front of a mirror and pretend you were a unicorn?"
Blake: "Even better! My boyfriend and I did the Inverted Spongebob and Patrick last night!"
Evan: "Sweet Chronos, I'm surprised you're alive!"
Jake(at the exact same time): "Oh my god, I don't know if David was strong enough for that..."
Blake: "Sadly David was killed instantly, and I think my life was shortened by around 12 years..."
by Meeeeech March 28, 2007
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