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A rarely seen variation of the blumpkin. Instead of shitting into the toilet, the male shits on the womans chest and jerks off into the toilet or sink or anything that might be close enough to work as a receptor of your cum.
John:Last night i totally gave Laura an inverse blumpkin!

Jeremiah:What the fuck is that?

John:That bitch was on her back and i shit on and around her chest then blew my load onto Eds towel.

Jeremiah:That shit is cash yo.
by Jonny Bones March 19, 2008
The remix of the classic blumpkin. This take is when the girl is taking a shit (which is rumored to happen occasionally, believe it or not) and is giving a guy a blowjob at the same time.
Sally is very efficient with her time. She gives inverse blumpkins every morning to her boyfriend while planning out the rest of her day.
by mrshermykins January 10, 2011
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