one of the greatest places in the world to live, o wait what am i saying....IT IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE.

inverness, the capital of the highlands, is located in Scotland. this small city is the home of the highland games, the loch ness dragon and inverness caley thistle F.C. in inverness there isnt much but what it lacks in leisure facilities it makes up for in beautiful scenery and very hot guys.
jimmy: you comin wi us up tae inverness??
david: hell yeah!
by scottie_hottie February 08, 2006
Top Definition
A dull, boring town that claims to be the capital of the Highlands. Was granted city status in 2000 by Sir Jimmy Saville and up until the Saville sex scandals up pushed the fact it was a city up everyones noses.

Has no identiity of its own as its always trying to be like somewhere else. Until Britain became xenophobic and racist it pretended to be a sophisticated European town. The night life at night at the weekends features tumbleweed blowing down the High Street .

If you wish to own a bar in Inverness it is required that it must be a Scotland themed bar. You must display at least 50 Scotland flags and you must display the word Failte (Scottish Gaelic for 'welcome') over the door and behind the bar.
Went drinking out on the town in Inverness on Friday night. Most shops were boarded up with a 'To Let' sign over them. When I finally made it through the freezing cold to the only pub that was open I was turned away by a bouncer who didn't think I was 25 when he was clearly only 17.
by Goth Doll September 06, 2015
A suburb outside of Chicago near Palatine that is full of rich ethnically diverse citizens and is named after the town that Macbeth was born in.
chick: "I live in Inverness!"
Dude: "Wow you must be rich and incredibly ethnically diverse!"
by Broseph09 April 24, 2011
The amount of inver a person or group of people possesses. (Not to be confused with inveracity)
The Scottish highlanders have a good deal of inverness.
by Pastaklovn May 15, 2010
Inverness, self proclaimed capital of the Highlands of Scotland and population filled with people with good craic. Home of The Loch Ness Monster, ICT FC, Inverness Castle, Craig Phadrig, many schools and a college. Beautiful walks through the 'Islands' and the city has 2 small shopping centres called Eastgate and Victorian Market. It has a well-equipped sports centre and swimming pool. Inverness itself has a huge sphere of influence and is just generally a really nice place.

Also, may I add, Invernesian (In-ver-nee-shan) accents were named 'The Queen's English' so :P!
Me : 'You coming to Inverness?'
You : 'OF COURSE :D'
by :OPaul November 27, 2007

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