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A town you most defiantly dont want to be from. Most parents are related. Many people have more body parts then needed. There seems to be a lot losers on push bikes. Most people from Inverell smell really bad. There are usually drunk black guys asleep in the park. If you ever visit Inverell, be sure not to poke the sleeping black men, As tempting as it may be, You will probs be stolen and sold for clothing. Usually Hawaiian shirts. The hardest choice people have to make is what kind of goon they will be drinking tonight.
Ew they smell..

Probs from Inverell.

Are they using a goon sack as a pillow?
Yeah their from Inverell.
by Loserface(: May 05, 2011
Often referred to as Inferal. if you were born here your mother and father are probably brother and sister. Intelligent people in Inverell are as rare as rocking horse shit.
That person looks like they come from Inverell....
Get away from me you remind me of Inverell
by jfking September 14, 2006
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