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A person who partakes in the actions of a whore over the internet.
girl: I just met this amazing guy in Nevada yesterday over myspace, and I had internet sex with another guy in Virginia.
guy: You are such an interwhore.
by the_evil_king November 03, 2009
8 2
A person who is obsessed with internet dating and dating websites. Can be both male or female, and they always have multiple profiles scattered throughout cyberspace.
Joe: "You going out with us tonight later?"
Jon: "Nope, I got a date with some chick."
Joe: "Internet?"
Jon: "Yup, this one says she lives in a trailer park, has 13 tattoos, 3 kids, and a lazy eye... this one should be easy."
Joe: "You inter-whore!"
by JHop March 10, 2008
10 1