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Wedlock between members of different South Asian castes. However, as 'AFSM' marriages numerically far outnumber all other types put together, 'Intervarna' is synonymous with the union of a Fair Upper Caste Caucasoid Aryan female & a Black Low Caste Negroid-Australoid Shudra male ('Touchable' or 'Untouchable')

Thus an eminent sociologist observes "... about inter-caste marriages where the predominant trend points to upper caste women marrying dalit men, with inter-caste marriages the other way around being few & far between." 'Gender & Caste: Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism ed Anupama Rao' Rekha Pappu. The Book Review {Persp Pubns} 28 (2004): 36. Scientists trace this well-documented craze for Dalit men among our Aryan women (both Hindu & Muslim) to the superior size of the Shudra Penis as compared to the Indo-Aryan Penis. Hence, Anti-Aryan movements advocate Intervarna unions to undermine Aryan masculinity: "One of the items of the programme adopted at the first conference of the SSP {Samyukta Socialist Party} 1966 read: 'Inter-Varna marriage should be deemed a qualification for Government employment.' ('India's silent revolution: the rise of the lower castes in North India' Christophe Jaffrelot. London: C Hurst & Co, 2003, p 262)

Thus, 'Reverse Intervarna Marriage' connotes wedlock between a Shudrani & an Aryan. Meanwhile, the related
term 'Intercaste' also denotes the interracial union of a Negro male & Anglo female in Dixie.
1) Gandhism actively encourages Intervarna Marriage to undermine Brahmanism & Aryanism by having our Aryan females procreate with Afro-Dalit males: "Gandhi: It is certainly desirable that caste Hindu girls should select Harijan husbands. I hesitate to say that it is better. That would imply that women are inferior to men. I know that such {an} inferiority complex is there today. For this reason I would agree that at present the marriage of a caste girl to a Harijan is better than that of a Harijan girl to a caste Hindu. If I had any way I would persuade all caste Hindu girls coming under my influence to select Harijan husbands. 71 {71 Harijan. Mohandas K Gandhi et al (ed). Ahmedabad 1933-50. 7/vii/1946, 212f}" cited in: 'Changes in Mahatma Gandhi's views on Caste & Intermarriage' Mark Lindley. Social Sciences Journal {Hacettepe Univ, Ankara} I (2002) sect: 2c; Univ of Kerala, 1999. .

2) Gandhi himself acted on his recommendations: "In 1940 there took place in Gandhi's immediate circle, & with his
approval, an inter-varna marriage between a Brahmin woman (Dr. Saundaram) & a Shudra (G. Ramachandran) 60. {60. Collected Works, lxxv, 447} & also one between an 'Untouchable' woman (Indumati) & a high-caste Hindu (Dr. A G Tendulkar, President of the Goa Congress). 61. {61. The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (100 vols, Delhi 1958-94) Mohandas K Gandhi, lxxvii, 396}" (Lindley ibid 2c)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 10, 2011
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