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An orchestrated attempt by one person, or often many, to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction. Similar to a drug intervention, but the addict is hooked on vagina instead of alcohol or drugs.
John: I go out with a different girl every night, sometimes two or three...it's affecting my work and relationships. I'm exhausted all the time. I feel like a big man whore. I can't stop myself but I can't go on like this either!
Jane: I think we need to stage an intervagtion and get you some help.

Tim: Man, I wish I was like John...all that attention from girls, getting laid all the time. So pimp.
Jim: Be careful what you wish for. I heard his friends and family pulled an intervagtion on him last week. Now he's kickin' it with Dr. Drew in sex rehab.
by nearly civilized February 02, 2011