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Two fools in totally bitching. headboard-slamming online romance that's just plain embarrassing in the real world, as in WTF were they thinking???
1st Dude: So how did that vacation in Hawaii go with that cheerleader hottie that you met online?
2nd Dude: It totally sucked. Turns out she was a Charger cheerleader 20 hard years ago! I fucking maxed my credit cards, too!
1st Dude: But didn't you tell her that you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?
2nd Dude: Yeah, but, I will be one day, Dude, I will be.
1st: Don't feel too bad dude. Ginny was just went through her third Internut Romance.

Did you hear about Maurice. He quit his job, emptied his bank account and left his wife and kids for that chick he met online. It lasted three weeks. Now the dumb fuck is serving fries and sleeping in the park. We all told him it was an Internut Romance, but he didn't even want to talk about it; he just wanted to get in his car and go.
by Buck 98261 February 25, 2012

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