The period of time between graduation and getting an actual paid job. Typically spent in a state of perpetual coffee making and paper filing for little to no reward.
"It has been an internity since I graduated and I am still broke and technically unemployed."
by Escape2Paradox February 15, 2012
Top Definition
A combination between the concept of eternity and internet to name a really really slow connection.
I cant download my tv show on this crappy internet, it takes forever. Its internity
by Jason MDC December 08, 2009
When you're interning at a company and it feels like you'll never get a real job there.
Intern 1: Man, I feel like I've been here for an internity.

Intern 2: I know right, we'll never get a real job here, might as well start my own business.
by Angus704 July 30, 2015
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