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A girl or woman, married or single, who is willingly or unknowingly photographed or filmed in sexually graphic or provocative positions or poses, either completely naked, or in provocative and revealing clothing, with the intention of the photographer to post the best photos and videos on the Internet.
1. Gary and Bonnie were both intensely aroused while he photographed her naked, excited by their planning to post them online, knowing guys and maybe even women would be getting off as they enjoyed her shameless naked poses, while her husband had no idea his darling was one more Internet snatch.

2. When Pat got his wife Gerry home from the party, she was totally wasted and out of it. He dumped her on the bed, and as she fell into a deeper and deeper sleep, he slowly undressed her, then positioned her provocatively. Next, standing on a kitchen chair, he began taking a series of photographs, moving her body into new, increasingly lewd and revealing positions as he progressed. Then afterwards, he uploaded the best, most arousing images to the computer and posted them on a favorite website of his. He then emailed several cyber friends to let them know the photos had posted. Although Gerry had no idea, she had become an Internet snatch for a select few of her husband's friends.
by July41944 June 02, 2009
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