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When an avid user of the internet, goes through more than two days of internet deprivation.

The internet is often associated with computers, BUT it does not have to be! It can be internet access from any video game console such as Xbox 360, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii. Browsing music on iTunes and usage of various apps on the iPhone/iPod Touch also involves access to the internet. Even the use of your cellphone for things other than phone calls is internet!!

Symptoms may include: impatience, rudeness, bitchitude, snappiness, distress, feeling empty inside, delusion, anger, stress, violence, yelling, being an asshole, or even betrayal to those around you.
(Rick is sitting in the corner of his house mindlessly staring into space, shivering.)

Steve: Yo Bob what is up with Rick??

Bob: He was late on his payment for internet and cell phone so they stopped services for him and it's been like two weeks...

(Steve walks towards Rick and attempts to comfort him.)


(Steve steps back)

Steve: WHOA!! He is having an epic case of Internet Withdrawal!!

Bob: Yah dude, he needs some time alone. Let's bounce.
by The Super Ninja November 13, 2009
Is when you go days without the internet, and you start to feel bad/withdraw, because you don't have access to your Facebook, YouTube, or any other site that you frequent. It's commonly cause by a drop of service by an ISP.
Verizon is doing diagnostics on their internet in the Katie's area, they had to take the internet down for a day or two, now Katie is going through Internet Withdrawal.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI August 15, 2010
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