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How well people take to you in chat rooms, forums, myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube etc.

Often affected by the number of people who are your friends on these sites. (or in the case of Youtube, "subscribers" and twitter, "followers")

These figures however are often contradictory to the amount of friends people have in real life as the internet is anonymous, hence your internet appeal is separate to your real life appeal.

Internet appeal is also affected by how much of a douche you are on the internet. If you flame, it can lead to people starting a class action to officially remove you from the internet and all its associated communities (xbox live etc) and or the local McDonald's restaurants where you steal Wifi from, you poor flamer.
Person 1: *Sends friend request to Person 2*

~ 3 hours later ~

Person 2: *Accepts*
Person 1: Internet appeal +1
by partyatmine38 February 10, 2010
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