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The magical time of the wee hours when a 24-hour McDonald's switches from dinner to breakfast.

Usually at 3am, the IML provides the perfect opportunity for one hell of a fast-food run. Some 24-hour joints actually close down for a brief period (10-15 minutes) to actually switch to breakfast. This makes 2:55 the ideal time to roll up to the drive-thru.

To take advantage of the International McDate Line, you must order at least one item from the menu that cannot be purchased during breakfast*. You will be handed your food at almost exactly 3am, giving you 10-15 minutes to enjoy your gourmet meal. After polishing off the leftover condiments from your Big Mac box, roll on up and order 4 sausage mcmuffins. That's about 55,000 calories in a half-hour, but only 27,500 for each day.

*If you're on the bejesus belt, it must be at least one value meal
Eugene: What'd you do last night, lad?

Patrick: Larry and I were up late, so we cruised on over to hit both sides of the International McDate Line.

Eugene: The International McWhatBoy?

Patrick: MY NAME'S NOT RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by Anda H.J. Inthebackseat April 18, 2010
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