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1. When a person's nationality or accent acts as a filter and obstructs the traits of said person's real personality and attributes

2. When two people form a relationship with one another from different nationalities and its obvious that at least one of them is a bit of a git, however the other person doesn't see them as they really are because of the international filter. Most commonly at play when one of them has a strong accent.

3. Sometimes also referred to as 'Ethnic Filter'
Alice: "I can't believe that Jessica managed to score that hot Frenchman! Doesn't he see that she is a bit of a loserface?"
Kate: "No, the international filter does not allow him to see that"


Bob: "I just don't get why those two are together?! They have nothing in common and he just smokes pot all day"
Mary: "yeah, I know, but I think they are both victims of the international filter"

When Penelope Cruz dated Tom Cruise, the international filter did not allow her to immediately see that he was a sad little man/control freak tosser

Irish people do not think Jimeoin is funny
by Daphne750 March 31, 2010
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