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1. In South Asia, an 'AFSM' Union of a Fair Upper Caste Caucasoid Aryan Female & a Black Low Caste Negroid-Australoid Shudra Male. Essentially the Oriental counterpart of an Occidental 'Interracial Marriage'. In contrast to 'Reverse Intercaste' marriage, which connotes union of a Shudrani & an Aryan.

2. In Dixie, union of a High Caste Anglo female & a Negro man.

Strictly speaking, the term should refer to a union between members of any two castes. However, statistics conclusively prove that our Aryan females (Hindu & Muslim) strongly prefer Afro-Dalit Men over all other races. Thus, scientists observe "... the predominant trend points to upper caste women marrying dalit men, with inter-caste marriages the other way around being few & far between." 'Gender & Caste' Rekha Pappu. The Book Review {Persp Pub} 28 (2004): 36. A close parallel is found in Dixie: "The predominant pattern of intercaste marriage involved a low caste husband-a high caste wife in India, & a Negro husband-a white wife in the United States." ('Touchable-Untouchable Intercaste Marriage' Man Singh Das. In: 'The Family in Asia' Ed M S Das & Panos D Bardis. London, 1978: 88-98, p 88; & refs below)

This well-documented sexual bias is on account of the superior size of the Dalit Penis as compared to the Indo-Aryan Penis & the consequently greater gratification our Aryan females receive from Intercaste Sex. Likewise, the Negro Penis is cause of the pattern in Dixie.
1) "We see very often Dalit men marrying upper caste women. However, instances of upper caste men marrying Dalit women are rare." 'Dalit Women's Writing in Telugu' CS Rani. Eco Pol Weekly 33.17 (Apr 1998) WS21-WS24

2) "For instance, even as we attest to Ambedkar's theory of inter-caste marriages as a means of breaking the hold of
the caste system, we have not engaged with the contemporary & complex debates about inter-caste marriages where the predominant trend points to upper caste women marrying dalit men, with inter-caste marriages the other way around being few & far between." 'Gender & Caste: Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism ed Anupama Rao' Rekha Pappu. The Book Review {Persp Pubns} 28 (2004): 36

3) "Cases of dalit men developing intimacy & in some cases even marrying forward caste women are no longer very uncommon in these districts. And anyone familiar with caste-determined social culture knows how intolerable such intimacy is to the forward castes" 'Post-Chundur & Other Chundurs' K Balagopal. Eco Pol Wly 26.42 (1991):
2399-2401+2403-5: 2401

4) "A typical pattern is identified in both cultures for a high achieving man of low status origins (black, or low caste) to marry a woman of high status (white, or high caste) but with moderate educational or occupational achievements." 'A cross-cultural study of intercaste marriage in India & the United States' M S Das. Int J Soc of the Family 1 (May 1971) 25-33
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 09, 2011
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