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when a conversation goes in a direction above your intellectual capabilities, you call an Intellectual Tapout and leave. Commonly abbreviated ITO.
Dude, I was talking to Harry at work, and he started talking about historical implications of malaria on the louisiana purchase, I had to call an "Intellectual Tapout"and leave.
by SBlanky April 29, 2010
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When a conversation goes above your intellectual capabilities, you tap your conversation partner 3 times on the shoulder, and leave. Also called ITO.
"Dude, It was an Intellectual TapOut within the first 2 powerpoint slides. Bob didn’t stand a chance with the CEO."

"Once we cranked up the Intellectual Bandwidth, Bob called an ITO like he was Pee Wee Herman."

"I’ll gladly provide a cerebral body blow that will ITO Bob in the first round”
by SBlanky June 03, 2010
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