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A foolish person who masquerades as a scientist or a intellectual. The common tactic of the intellectual skinhead is to use phony and erroneous "studies," to demonstrate the racial superiority of white people, while demonstrating the racial inferiority of non-white people.

Intellectual skinheads also like to conduct biased studies, which are really surveys, to demonstrate that black women are inherently uglier than other races. Anti-black woman racism at its finest. Most of these studies are biased and do not conform to the basic requirements of a scientific experiment.

These intellectual skinheads pretend to be conducting these inquiries just for the sake of science, but most of them are usually insecure, uattractive and stupid, even with a degree they're stupid.

In addition, they have small penises 99% of the time, this is the REAL reason that these intellectual skinheads take such an antagonistic attitude towards black females...sexual inferiority...
I just read an article about a biased and inaccurate study that says black women are 'objectively' the least attractive race, some intellectual skinhead with a small penis who couldn't get a black woman on his best day probably 'conducted' this experiment.
by Queen Nzinga May 19, 2011
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