An armed robbery inside of a retail business.
I just did an in store down on Crenshaw. I made off with three Fat Boys albums and the register.
#robbery #gunpoint #instore #job #knockover
by andrew May 23, 2007
Top Definition
The place in a supermarket where details are kept.
"Up to 50% off everything! See instore for details."
#inside #indoors #within #jargon #illiteracy
by Urban-Joe November 30, 2011
verb. The act of performing a mini musical set, usually as a daytime tour stop/promotional effort, by a band or solo artist.
Gonna catch Nada Surf when they in-store on Wednesday? Beats paying $16 that night....
#in store #instoring #dayshow #concerts #music #promo-tours
by withoutayard January 04, 2008
A large discount retail store selling rejected stock from other stores and out of date food that will give u the runs but fear not they also sell toilet roll!
the shops a mess and the staff are misrable and people que for refunds for 1.50 on broken light bulbs!
omg i just got this from instore look how cheap and nasty it is
#instore #in store #pound shop #poun strechers #cheap
by phil7820 February 24, 2009
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