NOUN: Something for stupid people to post as their Facebook status, that they think is hilarious but truly sucks camel diyuk; sometimes followed by (U wudnt kno) or (INSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
That is's-it's..and inside joke stupid.
by Carlos Mom March 16, 2010
Have you ever just randomly started laughing in the middle of class because of something that happened the other day? If not, you probably need more inside jokes. Why would I laugh randomly in the middle of class for no apparent reason, you might add, whats an inside joke?, well. PAGING SHANE PAGINING PAGING SHANE, COME OVER HERE SHANE. Wait What? what did that have to do with what im talking about? well that random blurt you just heard that made absolutly no sense to you or didn’t seem funny whatsoever, was an inside joke. An inside joke is something that makes absolutely no sense out of context or is the cause of many awkward "you just had to be there" moments, causing people to become iritable and crack out on demand when this unique phrase is mentioned.
Buddy: what are you guys talking about?
Friend: oh well the other day bill threw a pancake at me and landed on my dog
Buddy: What?
Friend: hahaha...oh you just had to be there
Pal: It's an inside joke
by pseudonym 101 January 07, 2010
A joke, usually between no more then 10 people, and usually sounds like complete nonsence if you are not part of it. Usually, It is something that happened or what someone said that was really funny at the time.

If someone who was not there when whatever happened, and are told the story of what did, it doesn't count as an inside joke with that person.
Rachel: Lightly toooooast
Olivia: Hahahaaa
Alyssa: What?
Olivia: Inside joke

Jill: Heee-yaa!
Omi: Hahahaa...Hee-yaa!
Jill: No. you can't do it. you weren't there.
by IcedTeaaaa August 17, 2009
A joke that only a few people understand. They are annoying to people who don't know about it.
Me and my friends decided to make a list of all of ours within a week, we had 3 pages back and front xD
Here are some examples (no, I'm not gonna explain them o___o):

- Scooby Tooby Doo
- Bang on a drum
- BS sandwich
- Elle je tais-toi
- Cometh Backeth Juliet shakespeareanese

Okay. If you understand any of them, you are one of my friends who is really really really bored.
What do you mean this definition has too many blank lines in a row? D:
Clearbaby! xD
See? That is an inside joke cause you don't get it. YAY =)
by Scooby Tooby Doo April 02, 2007
A joke shared within a secluded group of people. Usually makes no sense to anyone out of that group and the people in the group who understand the joke most likely don’t, but just want to fit in. Only public school kids have them.

The person that makes the joke is most likely trying to cling on to someone.
rach- doin the brush ya shouldas off, ya no wut i mean molly!!
by Companion of Drear December 24, 2004
Something that my friends and I make too many of a day.
You're an orange away from being gay!
I'm black. Make him think that I'm black.
-some of today's latest inside jokes
by charlotte November 10, 2004
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