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The INSIDE OUTHOUSE is a physical act that consists of drinking a bucket of shit and then sucking dick. Generally speaking, the term is a metaphor; it describes the incredibly demoralizing act of producing a TV show for an American Network run by morons and fuck-wits. These morons and fuck-wits have no idea what they want or what they are doing so you get completely hammered by their inane suggestions and useless notes. After you've heard these Network types contradict themselves for the millionth time, you are made to feel like you're drinking buckets of shit and sucking dick to placate people who don't deserve your effort.
"The network just called... they want to completely recut the episode and change the ending"
"Really? But we just gave them what they asked for... Fuck!"
"I know. The bastards have really got us doing the INSIDE OUTHOUSE on this job."
by giantsquid_jv November 01, 2011

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