The state of suffering a severe mental disorder, typically in which the afflicted individual can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy (psychosis).
His later years were spent in an insane asylum.
by Doc_B April 16, 2015
1) When someone is mentally ill to the point of being unable to process something regularly.
2) A thing edgy 16 year old teenagers say they are in a poor attempt to be quirky.
The mental hospital is full of insane people.
I'm insane, I think about gore!
by Wre September 10, 2015
1. Insane/: A state of mind, or being most commonly unstable both behavioral and or emotional in some cases even physical if not treated properly with the right levels of care and attention.

2. Insane/ly/ity/: These are the versions used when speaking about an individual and or in the third person of the one who's sanity is in question. These grammatical words help create a phrase rather then the single word to help convey a more personal insult or to better explain the insanity itself.
example 1/:( definition 1 ). To be frank with you miss berry your son is what I would call , emotionally well rounded. Sadly I must let you know the test results. Normally I'd do this kind of thing over the phone but in your case I thought it be best in person, less confusing that way. Your son appears normal but in his case the adhd and bipolar disorders have made a mess of his mind and I don't know if there's much we can do about the after result. Medication would only delay certain symptoms and even then there's no medical way to know if it will even help. With his father's history of mental illness it was only a matter of time before his genetics took hold and changed him. Now I don't want you to be so down there are other options we have plenty of on facility doctors who specialize in such practices along with a list of local care facilities at your disposal. There is hope. He's just a little different that's all. Overwhelmed yes but not insane.
by BakedBeans July 19, 2016
someone who thinks he/her is always correct and will not listen to anyone even if their obviously wrong. its so bad that the person would do extreme things or ignore every1 just so they keep their opinion. that being said if they are right their then called a genius if their wrong their called insane.
an (insane) person could jump off a building thinking they wont get
by cuda24 November 06, 2011
Being extremely beautiful and super nice and having cute dimples and eye brows
Jack: Yeah shannon is totally insane
by Barratjacksteele June 29, 2011
A person who thinks they're "perfect" and deserve extra points in classes for repeating what has just been said. These people tend to have big arrogant egos and do not know they are insane. Most of the time their names are Nick and Adolf, but especially Nick; always the male form, never feminine such as Niki or Adolfa. The reasons behind acquiring this disease is most-likely the act of being a stage manager. Avoid insane people especially the ones named Nick and Adolf for they tend to spread lies about how "awesome" they are.
"Don't hate. You're just jealous you didn't get extra points for being awesome like me."

"What's there not to like about me? Oh, wait. I'm perfect. I (almost) forgot."

"I'm the stage manager. do what I say"
= Insane, Touched, Foolish etc.
by TheatreHistoryII February 06, 2012
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