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Inappropriate propaganda . Unlike propaganda , which facilitates the need for biased or misleading information , used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Inpropaganda is used to rationalize an actual truly heroic and brave act which, if investigated would lead to those in political chairs of places of authority being held responsible , for the events which led to others having to lose their lives , though heroically and beyond the impossible .
Neil) Why lie , they clearly did the right thing ?

Bob) If the account were fully understood , the commanders would be stuffed

Neil) So , they take an actual event , which needs no embellishments or exaggerations .. and use it as propaganda ?

Bob) Its not propaganda , the event was true , they believed that though the guys were absolutely beyond reproach , command who put them there would be held responsible , it actually robs the navy seals of their heroism . Its Inpropaganda . Its far Worse than propaganda

Neil) So heros die , and the truth lies

Bob) yes , its unecssary , Inappropriate Bullshit at the expense of the incredible truth
by SW10 July 11, 2014
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