innuendo bingo is a bone on your knee that if someone touches you get a boner.
it can accure in males and females.
omg fred touched my knee whilst we were bowling and i got a innuendo bingo.
by gollygosh October 18, 2007
Top Definition
1.When something is said that could be taken in a sexual or inappropriate way (innuendo), one shouts "innuendo bingo" to point it out to all the slow people.

- can also be used in a way that the first wins

2. It is a feature on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show (or sirrius xm) in which innuendo's are played on the air.

- now expanded in a way that one puts water in ones mouth and has to try and keep it in whilst innuendo is played out.
1. person 1 "ooh its a bit hard"

person 2 "innuendo bingo!"

2. person 1 "ooh its a bit hard"

person 2 *spits out beverage*
by oli123456789 October 27, 2009
a radio show, hosted on radio one , (in england). its a game where something sex related is said, hence the innuendo part then the players hear the innuendo and have some form of card or thing to represent it
"i banged into him"

by Amy & Jay October 20, 2007
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