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Meme - Wasted conversation spoken into phones by chavs and innits, these are the pointless words that burn through their pay-as-you-go or contract minutes without adding any reasonable content to the conversation.

It is due to this phenomenom that mobile network providers feel it is necessary to have tariffs that have in excess of 200 minutes included in their price plans.

Copyright McGeorge & Hurwitz 2010
Typically words such as, "no, bruv, listen, init an' that,

Normal sentence: "I am walking down the road now."
Innit Minute consuming sentence: "I'm like just like um trekking like down your like street now blud innit."

As you can see from this example, am "Innits Minutes" consuming sentence is 100% longer than a normal sentence thus resulting in the need for more minutes in their monthly plan.
by the fat man and glasses October 13, 2010
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