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A very rare disease which later formed into a species and a way of life. The master of all Inflomexians is Squidward. It is extremely common to have gay/transexual/he-shes/gorilla/faggot/dick/no-pussy orgies among each other. Some common rituals at these festives include: shishkabobing, dick sucking, cock eating, butt hole surfing, dick milking, 2 inflomexians 1 tub (full of poop) re-enactment. Some famous Inflomexian bands are Possessed Dick, Dick Cosmo and the Towel, and Sling Dick of the Rocky Convention. The official Inflomexian sign is when you hold your index, middle finger, and pinky up while your ring finger is folded down with your thumb holding it.
The Inflomexian slowly creeped the jar up his asshole but soon stopped after he was bleeding and pooping profusely.

The Inflomexian killed two balls with one dick.
by Muhammad Mufaka November 15, 2009

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