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Infininty docking is a homosexual act where two males engage the art of docking, however in a unique position. The first male is positioned on his hands and knees. The second male then assumes the same position, although he must face in the opposite direction. The two males then grab their partner's ankles with a firm yet sensual grasp. The two extremely homosexual and homoerotic males then create an angle of, 45 degrees with respect to the desired coordinate axis, toward each other with their pelvises. The lead and more agressively dominant male then inserts his erect penis into the foreskin of his erect partner's penis. Thus creating the visualization of the common mathimatical symbol used to represent infinity. From this point the two males then begin to thrust gently, yet passionately, while singing Phil Collins lyrics to each other. This act continues until climax or until the two males realize how gay they are and enter a state of mental disorder.

If both males have been circumsized then a docking sleve may be purchased and used.
Lance and Edwardo grew tired of attenting the usual rusty trombone parties that occured Milhouse's residence so the decided to pick up a box of wine coolers and try infinity docking.
by Lance Power December 03, 2009
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