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Indie Bands With a Mission, also known as IBWAM, is a volunteer group/informal, non-profit organization. Our goal is to write cookbooks that feature a few local/unknown bands and the band members' favorite recipes.

The profits from each cookbook will go towards whatever charity the bands featured in the cookbook want to help. A few food banks in the Washington, DC area will benefit from the profits as well.

The first cookbook is Wonder Treats That Bands Fantasize About.
Girl 1: Did you hear about Indie Bands With a Mission?

Girl 2: No, who are they?

Girl 1: This great volunteer group! Matthew Fazzi & Isaac Bolivar of Taking Back Sunday/Happy Body Slow Brain, Find Vienna, AND Corrin Campbell joined. We should help them out. They give back to society!

Girl 2: COOL. Where can I check them out?

Girl 1: Everywhere! Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr!
by five yellow & white balloons December 09, 2009
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